Volleyball match fight hard of 25 minutes goes to one bureau 43 ∶ 41, bureau of decide the issue of the battle for a time 9 ∶ 14 lag behind to break up successfully actually dish, so unusual old practice produces in Chinese male platoon long be gotten on by the team body with bad-mouth frail psychology. Laoerluosanuo teachs outside changing the arrival that comes from a person greatly.

On April 26, foreign nationality of the first place on history of Chinese male platoon advocate handsome Argentine Luo Sanuo of 61 years old goes to take up office. The first time that meets with media phonates, his word clang strong: As once the adversary that conquer crosses Chinese line, I want a thing that snatchs from Chinese group body to return Chinese team, I should bring a change to Chinese male platoon.

Two months went, he proves to people with 9 formal matches: The change is occurrent. Chinese male platoon, the choice that made a surprise making a person enrages a god.

Carry out big nation group, the person that play a ball g上海夜网论坛

ame is much

As the has taken world champion exclusively item in 3 big balls, volleyball has special place in compatriots heart. The photograph is more brilliant than be being created at Chinese women’s volleyball, go up century the Chinese male platoon that 80 time ever were powerful group, will nearly 10 years wander at trough from beginning to end however. Besides los angeles Olympic Games lucky obtain fill vacancies in the proper order to take part in the match Olympic Games of qualification, Beijing gives fight with Amphitryon identity, chinese male platoon never still is surpassed through losing an election truly had been seleted the Olympic Games.

Flimsy psychological line of defence, play of the moment of truth is wrong, won’t hit ball of against the wind this is a lot of people the impression of male to China platoon. And inside course of study the personage looks, success of Chinese male platoon is long-term not ideal, the reason that fails to break through bottleneck period all the time is ability tactics concept backward, basic skill not strong.

In cycle of Tokyo Olympic Games, the group teachs to be regarded as the breach that Chinese male platoon rises abruptly afresh outside inviting. From the Luosanuo that shows itself in 10 candidate, ceng Zhi has instructed Spanish team, polish team, Germany team, Iran team group of these 4 nations, understand world advanced tide already, be familiar with circumstance of Asian male platoon again. I want to bring different thing, bring the change on eye shot to team. From had received Shuai Yin, luo Sanuo showed extremely strong confidence.

Let the strategy of big nation group of thoroughly remould oneself of Chinese women’s volleyball, be duplicated Chinese male platoon. Although sheet of national group name has been announced, luo Sanuo selected 6 team member again from inside the match of name of 8 13 of preliminary contest of the national games, augment of battle array of group of will big nation comes 31 people. Luo Sanuo carries 9 games that play after the team, 15 team member of Chinese male platoon, come on stage entirely besides reserve freedom person.

The person that play a ball game is much, dish lived to make a team, large area is additional new blood, let Chinese male platoon present long-unseen spark. The expression of young team member such as boat of the Jiang Chuan that follows team go out for a battle first, Zhang Binglong, Tang Chuan can be encircled can nod, drove the play of old team member at the same time. Especially reinforce Jiang Chuan, aggression efficiency and notch all be among the best of candidates, ankylose always can give the decisive word, provide crucial gentleman quite go qualitative.

Pay attention to detail consummate, tough fight is hit

In the 3 stations match that 2 constituent station surpassed league matches of world male platoon 2017, chinese male platoon with 5 get the better of 4 negative accumulate 15 minutes of platoons to be in the 5th, do not have predestined relationship total final with differring a regret 1 minute only. In match of station of elder brother hill, desire of the spiritual outlook of whole group, strive for victory and interest of pliable but strong make a person shine at the moment, terminative and old meet bay deeply the history, changeover takes this team of next old rival day, 3 battle get the better of the first championship assigning a station that wins new cycle completely.

Hand of the moment of truth is not soft, can make tough fight, the match concept that Nuo of Sa of profit from the name of a river 爱上海同城手机版

in Shaanxi and Henan provinces engrafts and teach style. To the slashing requirement of detail, make the one’s trump card that Chinese male p爱上海

latoon grows quickly. Jiang Chuan says, teach outside loosen none to technical segment from the warm up before contest, on the circuitry that refines drop shot of adversary every time even, so team member people after entering the court can clear the tactical intent that carries out drill team. Liu Libin discovers team member, the block route that Luo Sanuo indicates him or defend stand an all along is very accurate, because coach group uses data to study each adversary,this is, make face a direct accuracy rate is extremely high.

Luo Sanuo’s bigger to team ch爱上海同城论坛

ange, it is the massage of psychological level get effect instantly. Team member people express, luo Sanuo’s training is more rigorous, force with before the world 8 level all the time everybody. When the match jumps over difficulty, luo Sanuo is calmer, it is the encouragement on spirit not merely, more give on ability tactics give directions accurately. Elder brother hill stands a battle is right the match of Turkey team, chinese male platoon with 43 ∶ the infrequent score of 41 takes right-hand seat bureau. 2 pass Li Runming to recollect: Luo Sanuo tells us to want to courage goes all the time straight face bottleneck, it is better to have courage ability is accomplished.

Although Luosanuo takes team time not to grow, but team member people trained the below hot, field amiable Argentine old man on field to give credit to this. He is adjusting dozen of law, rebuild of the respect such as confidence transform, let Chinese male platoon grab balls of next against the wind for many times, aggression system is more rich, whole group morale entered the right path gradually.

The en阿爱上海同城

ergy spirit spirit that I can feel everybody is changing slowly, present Chinese male platoon needs this kind to dare win not to fear the interest that lose just about, teach outside those who bring is the world’s first-rate ability tactics system not merely, more bring the confidence that achieves ultimate goal to us. Jiang Chuan sighs with emotion so.

Want to take Olympic Games entrance ticket, difficult as before many

Nuo of Sa of choice the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces holds the position of Chinese male platoon advocate handsome, have world of Asia of base oneself upon, scan widely, make top-ranking of male platoon think. Management center of sports of volleyball of national sports total bureau established the goal of type of a flight of stairs for cycle of Tokyo Olympic Games: This year inferior bright and beautiful contest carries off medal; The Asia Game entered finals 2018; 2019 inferior capturing champion of bright and beautiful contest; Obtain Tokyo Olympic Games took part in the match 2020 qualification, go up in the Olympic Games conquer Asia strong opponent.

On Beijing Olympic Games, chinese male platoon ever obtained the 5th of unprecedented, the target of before Luo Sanuo also hit 2020 into the world 5 threw boys, he thinks this is not unrealistic vain hope. Nevertheless with at present the actual strength of the team, want to realize this one achievement to still have a lot of difficulty. Wait for Asian adversary to compare with Iranian team, Japan team, chinese male platoon still has a lot of technology segment to need to improve, be passed and serve stability, defend and the detail such as series connection still has difference. If want to acquire Olympic Games ticket, should have stepped European powerful group more this closes, will be huge challenge.

Luosanuotong crosses the training of league matches of world male platoon, achieved the goal that fosters battle array of main strength of an army of new personality, establishment basically, but he is clear also, chinese male platoon wants true decay to still need time. At present we had not inspected all team member, and the experience of young team member is too little, the technology is not quite exquisite, the level of domestic league matches and international match still have difference. Luo Sanuo expresses, the first cycle after assuming office trains without too much system, hope next training has a new progress.

In national sports management center of sports of total bureau volleyball looks, outside inviting, teach hope he guides Chinese male platoon to break through bottleneck period not only, promote whole the standard, still hope to be in this one process, drive those who increase domestic train to teach concept and teach level. Luo Sanuo expresses, chinese women’s volleyball was offerred for the development of Chinese male platoon draw lessons from very well, be opposite for instance the education of young player.

And male to China platoon, have the time that breath hardly, inferior the test of bright and beautiful contest is before. Luo Sanuo’s target is very specific, hope to enter finals namely. Station of elder brother hill is right that 3 ∶ of Japanese team 2 changeover, it is to come to what see rarely on male platoon body be in China for years, withstand ball of against the wind is regarded as team by Luosanuo the most commendable grow. It is insufficient that light has hope, even from specific working proceed with, may encounter a few difficulty, but this also is good luck. In eye of Nuo of Sa of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

it is strong that Chinese male platoon stops an Asia is so simple, transform ability to just begin. Li Changyun of reporter Zheng Yi

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